Entitlements and Mistrust

Sometimes I just wonder if all the divide and political polarization is no more than a tactic to keep the citizens confused and disorganized in order to keep them under control. Maybe it is just paranoia setting in with old age, more time to think equals more time to ponder conspiracy theories in one’s head. But if you look closely, they tend to exaggerate things in order to establish some sort of enemy for one party or the other to rally against.

Humans tend to seek out a common foe, it keeps a society focused on an enemy thus creating cohesion in the group. So, each party focuses on the other as an enemy, be it policies or just circumstance they use as a focal point. The division within the society gives politicians the ability to do as they please while the people they serve are distracted by the division and all the rhetoric spewed by the political system which in turn is distributed by the modern news media.

Maybe it is just paranoia caused by my mistrust of the Government which is well warranted considering the events of the past few years especially. I think the government should focus more on getting things done, regaining the trust of the people whom they serve, and spending a lot less energy on partisan politics and rhetoric. Stop throwing insults and labels at each other, take that energy and time to do what they are elected to do. They need to help the poor and elderly not constantly attempt to take away social security and Medicare/Medicaid etc.

Social Security is an Entitlement because we have paid into it all of our lives, it is not a free hand out and thus any attempt to get rid of it is not only illegal but unethical if not downright immoral. It is bad enough they made it so that you have to wait till an age you can not enjoy retirement to receive the full benefits of it, but to take away the only lifeline for aging Americans who had worked all their lives to support the government via taxes and had cast votes that put the politicians into office is just not what America is about.

In the end I am unsure if its paranoia or fact, but I can say we need to hold those in office accountable, make them do the job we voted them into office to do. They are paid to support and protect the people, not to further political agendas or focus on their own personal gain. Unfortunately, most people elected for congress, or a higher office had not ever tried to live on a minimum wage, struggled to pay bills or had to choose between food, housing or medical care. Most of them where fortunate enough to come from upper middle-class families or wealthy ones.

So, I believe it is very hard for them to see things from the working class or impoverished class viewpoint. The good news is we have the option to vote for those who do have a better idea of how it is to live in this country as a not-so-privileged person. But always remember to look closely at the candidate’s actions more so than listening to their words. Actions speak louder than words and also tend to show the truth about the candidate.

I leave you with this quote.

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” ~ Plato


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