Thoughts of an average man 1-24-23

The world is becoming more and more violent it seems, everything from the conflict going on in Ukraine to the mass shootings in the USA and around the world. I fear for the next generation due to the mess that this generation seems to be leaving for them to deal with. Climate change, extreme weather patterns and all the destruction left in their wake, political polarization, the lack of ethics in government along with the divide between the wealthy and the poor growing exponentially amongst other problems left for those in the future to deal with. This is all because of the unwillingness to confront the issues or the refusal to accept that those issues actually exist due to the recent move towards mistrusting science.

Too much paranoia and mistrust in society nowadays, people do not trust vaccines to protect them from disease along with some people believe that the disease is either a hoax or milder than reported. I can understand some of the reluctance to the vaccines, but Covid-19 is real and has claimed the lives of a few people I knew personally. When people put more trust in conspiracy theories than in their government or science there is definitely something wrong going on in society.

Trust but verify is how we should handle both science and our government. If we cannot verify the question until some sort of verification can be done. I guess you could say the same about conspiracy theories, until they prove to be more than theories, just keep them in your mind as just that, Theories. I mean who doesn’t like reading some conspiracy theories about Roswell or Kenedy’s assassination and so on? Entertaining as they are, they are but theories and should only be viewed as entertainment in the end.

Far as the gun control issue, it may not stop violence but would remove military grade weapons which may lower the number of deaths and injuries when amass shooting happens, but it will not stop the violence. I tend to agree there is some sort of mental health issue going on that may be adding to the number of violent crimes in the world. Mental health is one of those things that very few people seek help for because of the stigma behind it.

There is no shame in needing help to deal with mental and emotional issues. Life can be quite difficult and sometimes it becomes so overwhelming we need some help to get back on track mentally and emotionally. It is not a sign of weakness when you see a crack in your armor and go to someone to help fix it. It is more a weakness when you allow your pride and fear to keep you from seeking help that you need.

I wish everyone a happy and love-filled life, may you find help when you need it, and may you be there to help others when they are in need.

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