Raymond Barbier Founder of Dovestar Press

About Dovestar Press

Dovestar Press is the creation of Raymond Barbier, a 54-year-old blogger, and computer tech. Raymond Created Dovestar Press to provide his perspective on life in the 21st century and news from both Dovestar Press and creative common licensed news sources to the internet community.

Dovestar press came into being on Aug 28th, 2020 but is the offspring of many blogs that Raymond has written through the decades. Currently, Dovestar News is seeking out volunteers to author content such as news, opinion pieces, and informational pieces. We want to keep Dovestar Press advertisement free and it is dedicated to keeping it non-profit since its a personal project not an actual News media company.

If you are interested in being a Contributor and are willing to follow the following guidelines for content submitted then contact us via comment.

Guide lines are as follows (May be subject to change in the future)

  • Content must be free of any sort of prejudice or hate-related content.
  • No illegal content or content that promotes illegal activities.
  • Content must be Creative Commons licensed since this site content is creative commons licensed. No Copywrite material can be used unless you have permission to use such and can provide proof.
  • You must fact check all your News articles or state it is an opinion piece and not a fact-based article.
  • we do not allow articles created to promote sales, scams, phishing, or advertisements.

Dovestar Press is not liable for any content posted by Contributors, If any content is found to be an issue be it legal or fails to comply with the above guidelines it shall be removed until it is corrected or deleted by the contributor. Repeat Violation of guidelines or to legal statutes will result in the removal of contributor status.

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